I absolutely love being behind the camera, the more challenging the situation the better. I work hard and dedicate myself to getting that all important shot, whether it means hanging around in a tree for hours or ensuring a whole team comes together for that perfect moment.  I’m patient, easy going and hard working, I believe perfecting a craft comes with years of experience and I intend to perfect my craft.

I have operated most high end digital cameras and DSLR camera set ups. I have experience in Camera assisting, focus pulling and some long lens operating. I have experience with various Cable Dolly Systems including the MPH Dolly, Fly Line and Speed line Dollys.  I am an experienced Gimbal operator including the DJI ronin and Movi gimbals.

I specialise in filming from height. I am a qualified IRATA and Canopy Access Technician and have a wide range of rigging experience from rainforests to sea cliffs.





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